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How to get started easily with Monitor My Brand

After registering and confirming your email, simply login to your MMB backend area using the credentials you received in the email we sent you.

Click the KEYWORD link in the top menu and add the keyword you want on the following page. Our reports are generated and sent out every 8AM morning UAE time (4AM UK time), and once you set the keyword, you will receive the match report next day in the morning.

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Keyword tip

Choose a keyword that is specific, but not too specific. For example "net" will produce many matches, but "networking" significantly fewer.

Keyword tip

Update your keywords from time to time to make sure you have chosen the best keywords to monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the FOREVER FREE plan really free?

    Yes, it's 100% free. No credit card required and we will not charge you anything. If you can accept to only have 1 keyword, then this is the plan for you.

  • I received the email report, but there were no matches?

    That means that no new domains were bought where your keyword is part of the domain name. Maybe your keyword is too specific? If you chose a keyword like "oildrillingmachine", chances are you will not get many matches. Remember, you can update your keyword as many times as you want.

  • I have the FOREVER FREE plan, but I would like to add more than one keyword

    That is easy - simply upgrade your plan to the Startup plan or the SMB plan, then you will be able to add 5 keywords or 25 keywords. And don't worry, the plans are priced very reasonably, we are only talking from $0,59 per keyword per month. Considering you potentially can lose thousands of dollars every day in sales, it's an extremely low price. OECD is estimating that more than $2,5 Billion dollars are lost in sales every DAY worldwide due to fake, counterfeit, replicated products. Almost half of that is in the USA alone. Scary!

  • Can I trust your service? Do you really scan ALL new domains every day?

    Yes you can! We get our data daily from trusted domain sources and between 75,000 and 150,000 are in that list every day.

  • Someone copied my name, what can I do?

    You can start by finding out who it is and what they intend on using it for. Under keyword management you can see the owner of the domain, so it's easy to send them an email or give them a call and ask them. Some owners prefer to be anonymous and in these cases, it's not possible to contact them. You can then take a look at the domain URL to see if that gives you an indication of what they plan to do with it. It might take some time for them to make and upload a website there, so you would have to be patient. If you suspect that the owner is trying to exploit your name or use your trademarked brand, then we suggest that you contact a lawyer to ask for assistance. Feel free to contact us, as we have several lawyers we work with in cases like these. Simply fill out the form below and tell us the issue.

  • How can I possibly use your service to find new business partners?

    Use our domain keyword monitoring to seek out new potential business partners anywhere in the world - see who is starting up businesses that deal with something you offer - or want? Let's say you sell supplies to hospitals or hotels, wouldn't it be nice to know when someone registered a new domain for a hotel or hospital? That is usually one of the first steps taken when starting a new business - securing the right domain. Simply add keywords of the areas you want to know more about, it could be "hotel", "hospital", "clinic", "salon", "construction" or any other type of business. Only your imagination sets the limit. It's a very low-cost way of getting new leads every day? Wouldn't you agree?

  • How can I find out what my competitors are doing?

    That is easy, simply add keywords that match their name, their services, their products etc. If they buy domains it's likely because they want to start expanding their business into new areas. Securing the domain names would be the first step for them, and you will know it right away.

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